Monday, June 18, 2018

New purchase June 2018 II

I've some more stocks. Mostly companies that make consumer products in the US and a mix between finance and automotive in Germany.
  • 3 KMB for $ 100.56 for a yield of 3.98 %.
  • 4 PG for $ 75.72 for a yield of 3.79 %.
  • 5 DAI for 62.78 € for a yield of 5.91 %.
  • 28 DBK for 9.3955 € for a yield of 1.16 %.
I've updated my portfolio and as always it can be found here.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

New purchase June 2018 I

I've bought some more Canadian stocks.
  • 5 BNS for 75.71 CAD for a yield of 4.33 %.
  • 7 EIF for 33.80 CAD for a yield of 6.48 %.
  • 15 GEI for 17.52 CAD for a yield of 7.53 %.
I've updated my portfolio and as always it can be found here. Note: I found an error in my projected dividends. I had more or less completely missed to summaries the dividends from January. That was a nice $ 100 increase.

Apart from my goal to met 8 out of 12 of my monthly goal I also have a financial goal which is to have 24 000 SEK in projected dividend. I'm at 18 800 now and with 6 month more of investing I should reach it. 

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Monthly goal June 2018

I've actually been enjoying getting up earlier. It has freed up time to read, study, keep my apartment nicer and going to work earlier. It has been great weather where I'm living so that might have played some part in this. It is probably going to be harder in the winter when it rains side ways and the temperature drops below zero. The extra time has freed up time so I've read some books, but I didn't manage to read as many as four.

For June my goal is to spend some time with a friend every day. I'm going to count talking to them on the phone as spending time as well. In a way I've been feeling a bit lonely ever since my ex-girlfriend broke up with me about a year ago. During that time a lot of my friends have been getting their first children so it has not been possible to see them as much I used to. Unfortunately I didn't decide on a goal before the month started so that's why I chose this. I'm going to try to decide on what to do before the month starts.

Goal June: Spend time/talk to a friend each day outside of work.
Goal May: Get up at six every morning. Done!
Goal April: Read at least four books during the month. Done!
Goal March: Walk at least 10 000 steps each day. Failed!
Goal February: Practice at least ten minutes of yoga each day. Done!
Goal January: Only eat vegetarian food. Done!

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Income/expense May 2018

As in April I got sizable dividend in May as well.

Expenses: 11 100 SEK
Income:  32 300 SEK
Savings rate: 65,53 %
Dividend/Expense rate: 19,83 %

I've been making some projections based on my lowest, median, average and maximum expenses with a couple of different safe withdrawal rate (3.5 % to 4.5 %) and I've come up with a range of savings I need in order to be able to not work any more. The range is 2 300 000 SEK to 11 000 000 SEK. The numbers come from lowest expenses and highest withdrawal rate and the highest  expenses and lowest withdrawal rate. The range for median and average is probably more realistic 3 100 000 SEK to 5 100 000 SEK.

I haven't really written about my net worth here before, basically because I've no good way of presenting it. I'm working on it. At the moment I've got about 1 700 000 SEK invested about half of which in retirement accounts that I cannot access before I turn 55 (about twenty years). By just assuming that the value of my portfolio will be constant it will take about five years of contribution to reach that point.

A summary of my savings rate can be found via this page.

Monday, June 4, 2018

Dividend May 2018

This is one of my favorite things to do at the beginning of the month. It is interesting to see how much dividend I've accumulated during the month. Compared to last year I received almost 230 % more. The dividends I received follows:
  • SDIV 33 SEK
  • SRET 32.58 SEK
  • SPFF 60.16 SEK 
  • SDEM 17.35 SEK
  • T 154.46 SEK
  • ABBV 66.75 SEK
  • PG 124.68 SEK
  • O 64.87 SEK
  • GIS 56.22 SEK
  • ETR:BAS 129.38 SEK
  • ETR:MUV2 271.2 SEK
  • HEL:SAMPO 331.1 SEK
  • OSE:ATEA 71.09 SEK
  • OSE:TEL 55.82 SEK
  • STO:HM-B 269.5 SEK
  • TSE:ALA 67.74 SEK
  • TSE:TD 58.81 SEK
  • TSE:EIF 30.87 SEK
  • TSE:AD 41.1 SEK
For a total of 2200.68 SEK, so not as good as in April but I'm still happy. 

Sunday, May 27, 2018

New purchase May 2018 IV

I've bought two new insurance companies. The giant Allianz and the much smaller, but still big in Norway, Gjensidige. In addition I also invested in the telephone company Telia.
  • 60 STO:TELIA for 41.93 SEK for a yield of 5,48 %.
  • 3 ETR:ALV for € 188.59 for a yield of 4.24 %.
  • 37 OSE:GJF for 127.12 NOK for a yield of 5.56 %.
I've updated my portfolio and as always it can be found here.

Thursday, May 24, 2018

New purchase May 2018 III

I've made some new purchase. I basically just increased my position in the stocks that I'm least invested in.
  • 8 PFE for $ 35.92 for a yield of 3.78 %.
  • 5 WFC for $ 55.82 for a yield of 2.79 %. 
I've updated my portfolio and as always it can be found here.

My goal of getting up early in the morning has worked fine. I might be a bit more tired, but I get a lot of things done.