Friday, April 28, 2017

Watchlist Sweden

I've been having trouble finding Swedish companies that I want to buy at their current values, but I found some (name, ticker, yield, eps):
Securitas provides different security related services in more than 60 countries. My experience growing up is that more and more services that used to be handled by police are now handled by private security companies and I expect that trend to continue. Intrium Justitia offers services designed to improve clients' cash flow.

Besides these two companies I also plan to increase my stake in some of my Finish stocks that have payed dividend, Fortum and/or Sampo. From now on I plan to reduce the number of new stocks that I purchase. At the moment I own 25 different stocks and I feel that my diversification is at a good level.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

New purchases

I've bought some more stocks.
  • 15 STO:HM-B for 221 SEK per share for a yield of 4.41 %.
  • 16 STO:INDU-C for 203.3 SEK per share for a yield of  2.58 %.
  • 30 STO:CAST for 122.9 SEK per share for a yield of 4.06 %.
H&M and Castellum pays dividend twice a year. H&M pay $ 0.55 in May and $ 0.54 in November for a total of $16.52. Castellum pay is $ 0.59 in March and September for a total of $  8.47. Industrivärden pays dividend once a year in May for a total of $ 16.52. In total this will give me a healthy $ 41.51.

I've updated my portfolio and as always it can be found here. I've also added formatting that corresponds to my portfolio rules. According to the rules my weight in North America is to large.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Portfolio rules

I like to create a portfolio that has low risk over the long run and have set up some fairly arbitrary rules. I'm not a fund manager so rule is maybe a bit too strong, but guideline doesn't sound as cool.
  1. No single stock/fund shall make up more than 10 % of the portfolio.
  2. No single stock shall make up more than 10 % of the total dividend.
  3. No single sector shall make up more than 20 % of the portfolio.
  4. No single region shall make up more than 50 % of the portfolio.
With region I mean North America, the Nordic countries, the rest of Europe and Global. I know the world is bigger, but currently those are the markets that I have a possibility to invest in with a manageable brokerage. At the moment I have easy access the stock market in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Germany, the United states of America and Canada. I hope to get cheap access till more of Europe surfing this year.

These rules är not very strict. I will not sell stocks just because some sector have increased in value but they will guide new purchases. 

Friday, April 21, 2017

Watchlist Sweden

I've been busy the last few weeks and have not been able to look into the stock market, but now I'm back. I'm looking in to these companies (name, ticker, yield, eps):
Industrivärden is similar to Investor in that they own a couple of large Swedish companies. Both companies were created due to regulations in the 1940's which restricted the possibilities for banks to own stock.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

New purchases

I've bought some more stocks.
  • 10 STO:INVE-A for 372.70 SEK per share for a yield of 2.95 %.
  • 12 STO:SWMA for 289.6 SEK per share for a yield of  2.59 %.
  • 25 SPFF for $ 13.04 per share for a yield of 6.67 %.
Investor and Swedish match both pay a yearly dividend and this year I will get a total of $ 12.12 and $ 9.92. My newly bought SPFF will give me a total of $ 14.15 for a total of $ 36.58.

This weekend has been really crappy due to some madman that stole a truck and injured and murdered a lot of innocent people. My thoughts and tears go out to the people of Stockholm. 

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Watchlist Sweden

In order to continue my focus on Nordic companies I'm going to be watching some Swedish ones (name, ticker, yield, eps):
Hennes & Mauritz is a clothing company that as stores in more than 60 countries with an online presence in about half of those. Investor is a holding company controlled by the founding Wallenberg family. It owns shares in a lot of large Swedish companies. Castellum is a real estate company that was created in the aftermath of the Swedish real estate crisis of the 1990's. Swedish Match produces a variety of different tobacco products.

Apart from the companies listed above I also plan to buy some SPFF. I want to increase my monthly distributions. At the moment I own three funds that pay a monthly dividend and I want the get roughly the same amount from each fund. This means I need to increase my stake in SPFF with about 20 shares.

Monday, April 3, 2017

Income/expense March 2017

Even though March is a long month I still managed to have the smallest expenses and a record saving rate of 65.77 %. The high savings rate combined with the big dividend gave me a dividend to expenses ratio of 2.74 %.

Expenses: 10 740 SEK
Income: 31 380 SEK
Saving rate: 65.77 %
Dividend/Expense rate: 2.74 %

A summary of my savings rate can be found via this page.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Dividend March 2017

So now as March has passed it's time for me to summarize my sweet dividends.
  • TGT 43.09 SEK ($ 4.8)
  • EMR 30.16 SEK ($ 3.36)
  • SRET 33.57 SEK ($ 4.74)
  • SPFF 19.52 SEK ($ 2.175)
  • SDIV 21.63 SEK ($ 2.41)
  • JNJ 35.87 SEK ($ 4)
  • ED 36.72 SEK ($ 4.14)
  • VFC 33.22 SEK ($ 3.78)
  • TROW 40.74 SEK ($ 4.56)
For a total of 294.52 SEK or $ 34.055. This was my best month yet, but that was not hard compared to the dividend received last month.

Another new is that I've changed some of the behavior of my portfolio. Now it shows the projected dividends if I would stop purchasing stocks given that the current dividends are unchanged.