Wednesday, January 17, 2018

New purchases

I've made some new purchases.
  • 10 GE for $ 18.22  for a yield of 1.98 %.
  • 10 ADM for $ 40.82 for a yield of 3.14 %.
  • 10 SO for $ 45.11 for a yield of  3.86 %. 
  • 5 ETR:DAI for 74.51 € for a yield of 5.35 %.
I've solved the problem with not being able to get stock quotes from the Oslo stock exchange by just updating the price manually. My portfolio and as always it can be found here. I'm going to try to check for errors in my portfolio.

My vegetarian January is coming along nicely. My feeling is that I spend less money on food as well so that means more money for investing :).

Monday, January 15, 2018

New (sort of) purchase

These purchases has been made during November, but I managed to delete my previous post where I wrote about them. Anyhow I've initiated some positions in a couple of German stocks.

  • 4 ETR:BAS for 86.14 € per share for a yield of 4.27 %.
  • 12 ETR:DBK for 14.14 € per share for a yield of 1.65 %.
  • 3 ETR:MUV2 for 191.45 € per share for a yield of 5.51 %.
  • 12 ETR:UN01 for 25.81 € per share for a yield of 2.62 %.
  • 1 ETR:BAYN for 107.95 € per share for a yield of 3.07 %.
So I bet you’re all interested in how my vegetarian January is going. It is actually great! I’ve found some new dishes to make and had an awesome Indian cauliflower stew for lunch the other day. Half of the month has passed and I’m convinced that I won’t have any problems with doing it for the rest of the month.

Friday, January 12, 2018

Goal 2018

Since I did not meet any of my goals for 2017 I'm going to try something different for this year. I'm going to have one goal related to my dividend income and then separate goals/challenges for every month. Mostly in order to make some changes in my life. I hope that I will be able to continue with some of the things even after the month is over.

  • 24 000 SEK in projected dividend income at the end of 2018.
  • Fulfill at least 8 of the 12 monthly goals.
Goal January: Only eat vegetarian food.

New purchase

The new year calls for a new country to invest.

With the new year I've decided to spread my investments over more countries. First up is Norway. The Norwegian economy is dominated by oil and gas which makes up 50 % of their exports.

ATEA sells and supports IT infrastructue. In my job I've come in contact with them and feel confident that they will be successful. Telenor is a telecommunicstions company that operate in a lot of different countries.

  • 20 OSE:ATEA for 119 NOK for a yield of 5.46 %.
  • 13 OSE:TEL for 187.65 NOK for a yield of 4.36 %.
I'm having trouble updating my portfolio since google does not support getting stock quotes from the Oslo stock exchange. 

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

New purchase

I've started the year by investing in another company Kraft Heinz which is a food company with many famous products. The company was created after a merger of Kraft and Heinz in 2015. 
  • 5 O for $ 54.82 for a yield of 4.66 %.
  • 3 PM for $ 104.97 for a yield of 4.07 %.
  • 8 KHC for $ 78.49 for a yield of 3.18 %.

I've updated my portfolio and as always it can be found here.

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Income/expense December 2017

So I spent a lot of money in December, but also got a bit of a bonus.

Expenses: 21 000 SEK
Income:  40 900 SEK
Savings rate: 48.66 %
Dividend/Expense rate: 2.62 %

A summary of my savings rate can be found via this page where you can see that my total savings rate was about 50 %. My goal was 70 % so I missed by quite a lot. I guess I might have been doing a bit too much traveling (if there is such a thing). Something I've learned from missing my goals is that should set the bar a bit lower.

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Dividend December 2017

Here is the summary of the dividends that I received for December, the last month of the year. 
  • SDIV 31.07 SEK
  • SRET 30.89 SEK
  • SPFF 62.04 SEK 
  • SDEM 17.07 SEK
  • KO 31.36 SEK
  • ED 35.09 SEK
  • EMR 40.99 SEK
  • TROW 37.54 SEK
  • JNJ 35.45 SEK
  • MCD 42.8 SEK
  • O 14.37 SEK 
  • AFL 15.09 SEK
  • VFC 34.84 SEK
  • ALIV-SDB 25.17 SEK
  • ALA 36.08 SEK
  • EIF 28.83 SEK
  • AD 31.14 SEK
For a total of 549.82 SEK. An decline of 10 % since the previous quarter. The total dividend for 2017 ended up in being 5439.24 SEK. I've published the distribution for 2017 below. It is far from the 12 000 SEK that was my goal, but I'm still happy :).