Thursday, August 2, 2018

Monthly goal August

I haven't really missed sugar that much. It has been so warm where I've been during this month so I've basically haven't really felt like eating anything. I've eaten more fruit though and it has been really good. Peaches and plums are really amazing. I've also spend time with friends and family every day this month, but that's because I've been traveling around visiting them.

My goal for August is to clean my home ten minutes each day. I've been reading some easy tips on how to improve ones life and this was one of the top tips so I decided to try it. Hopefully I will also live in a cleaner home.

Goal August: Clean my home 10 minutes each day.
Goal July: Eat less sugar. Done!
Goal June: Spend time/talk to a friend each day outside of work. Done!
Goal May: Get up at six every morning. Done!
Goal April: Read at least four books during the month. Done!
Goal March: Walk at least 10 000 steps each day. Failed!
Goal February: Practice at least ten minutes of yoga each day. Done!
Goal January: Only eat vegetarian food. Done!

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