Friday, June 29, 2018

New purchase June 2018 III

I've made some new purchase and I'm a bit ashamed to say that I made a mistake and sold 10 shares of T for $ 31.7. I like that I can purchase stocks on my phone, but it is a bit too easy to make mistakes. Anyhow, one new company Hormel.
  • 15 HRL for $ 36.53 for a yield of 2.06 %.
  • 10 KO for $ 43.53 for a yield of 3.58 %.
  • 4 MO for $ 56.97 for a yield of 4.91 %.
  • 15 GE for $ 12.79 for a yield of 3.75 %.
My goal of spending time with friends every day has gone great. I'v met some new friends and also found some colleagues that share a lot of the same interest as me. So we've been on a hike and also practiced some swimming in the ocean.

I've updated my portfolio and as always it can be found here.

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