Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Watchlist Sweden

In order to continue my focus on Nordic companies I'm going to be watching some Swedish ones (name, ticker, yield, eps):
Hennes & Mauritz is a clothing company that as stores in more than 60 countries with an online presence in about half of those. Investor is a holding company controlled by the founding Wallenberg family. It owns shares in a lot of large Swedish companies. Castellum is a real estate company that was created in the aftermath of the Swedish real estate crisis of the 1990's. Swedish Match produces a variety of different tobacco products.

Apart from the companies listed above I also plan to buy some SPFF. I want to increase my monthly distributions. At the moment I own three funds that pay a monthly dividend and I want the get roughly the same amount from each fund. This means I need to increase my stake in SPFF with about 20 shares.

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