Sunday, April 9, 2017

New purchases

I've bought some more stocks.
  • 10 STO:INVE-A for 372.70 SEK per share for a yield of 2.95 %.
  • 12 STO:SWMA for 289.6 SEK per share for a yield of  2.59 %.
  • 25 SPFF for $ 13.04 per share for a yield of 6.67 %.
Investor and Swedish match both pay a yearly dividend and this year I will get a total of $ 12.12 and $ 9.92. My newly bought SPFF will give me a total of $ 14.15 for a total of $ 36.58.

This weekend has been really crappy due to some madman that stole a truck and injured and murdered a lot of innocent people. My thoughts and tears go out to the people of Stockholm. 

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