Saturday, January 28, 2017

Short term watchlist

I still have some money from my salary to invest. This is list is an update of an earlier blog post. My portfolio will be in "diversification mode" for a long time, meaning I will increase the number of companies that I invest in. From March and onward I will broaden my geographical search area to include the Nordic countries as well. I'm thinking that I will invest half in dividend aristocrats and the other half in quality stocks from a certain country, so stay tuned.

This time I will choose from (ticker, yield, eps):
  • T, 4.69, 17.79
  • EMR, 3.19, 24.43
  • MCD, 3.10, 22.67
  • PG, 3.08, 24.62
  • ABBV, 4.16, 16.5
Do you have any thoughts or comments on my plans?

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