Monday, January 23, 2017

Short term watch list

My salary will soon be available for investing so I'd better start planning which companies to invest in. I want to own companies that have a good track record of increasing dividend, i.e dividend kings/aristocrats. I want to diversify and one way of doing that is simply to buy two aristocrats in different sectors each month. I prefer not buying stocks with a yield lower than 3 %, so that will be my first criteria. Second is that I want to have a P/E ratio that is not to high. Third is that I want to have a positive "feeling" for the company. I know that's not rational, but I don't want to make investments I don't believe in.

This month I will choose from (ticker, yield, eps):

  • ED, 3.78, 18.03
  • TGT, 3.77, 11,72 
  • KO, 3.38, 25.16
  • MCD, 3.10, 22.67
  • PG, 3.08, 24.62

Do you have any thoughts or comments on my plans?

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