Sunday, March 12, 2017

Watchlist Finland

I've been looking at some Finnish companies. I want to reduce My exposure to the $ and since Finland has the € it is a good fit, also I pay reasonable fees for buying and selling stocks.

I'm choosing between these companies  (name, ticker, yield, eps):
  • Sampo, HEL:SAMPO,  5.24 %, 14.76
  • Fortum, HEL:FORTUM, 7.66 %, 25.72
  • Elisa, HEL:ELISA, 4.58 %, 20.34
  • Nokian Tyres, HEL:NRE1V, 4.08 %, 20.13
Sampo is basically an insurance company, but it also owns 21.2 % of one of the largest Nordic banks: Nordea. Fortum is a energy company where a large share of the energy produced comes from hydro-power. Elisia is a major Finnish telecommunications company. Nokian Tyres produce tyres for consumer car. 

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