Thursday, February 9, 2017

New purchases

A couple of days ago I made some purchases to celebrate the coming of Spring!

  • 40 SRET for $ 14.70 per share and a yield of 7.63 %.
  • 8 TROW for $ 67.32 per share and a yield of 3.21 %.
SRET pays monthly and will add a total of $ 37.4 for this year. TROW pays a quarterly dividend and will in total pay $ 17.28. In total this amounts to a healthy $ 54.68 for 2017.

I'm a bit ambivalent when it comes to SRET (and also SDIV and SPFF) on the one hand I really like monthly dividend (fast feedback makes me  a happy camper) and the yield is high on the other hand I think that it is and investment with higher risk. I guess time will tell, but in the meantime I will enjoy my regular payments :). 

I've updated my portfolio and as always it can be found here.

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